कारीगर Jobs

Jobs search Platform design for Blue/Gary Collar,Experienced and Inexperienced Peoples


For Jobs Seekers

This platform provide jobs listing from all major manufacturing/service category industries. Any person can apply to any job after check the detail about job requiremnt for example its benefits ,work schedule, contact detail etc. User can add information about him/her self on app , so Company/Job Provider can directly call. User can create his/her information with both normal typing or audio recording mode (supported Hindi/English language).

For Employer

This platform provide candidate appplied for job requirement.They will notify and then can easliy contact and discuss to person for job's work profile. After register the job requirement on platform, the reachability of job post get increased and hire process time decreases. It is one solution for all hiring problem.


This platform minimized the time taken by job seeker by showing job post on mobile phone app.They can know about job salary and if any other benefits provided in job without going to company location.Using this platform employer benefits a easy and reduced hiring process which is actually repeated in most company.Therefore helping in their business by providing required workforce.


Karigar Jobs platform is purely tech enabled product designed to solve basic and long time problem of job search face by blue ,gray and non-experience peoples in Indian Industries. We are trying to solve main issue in this situation like find desired job , eliminate third party commission during joining etc. We made this platform , but keep main usability of this platform to be simple specially for needed peoples. Our team are committed to continue improve this product, so it become beneficial for desired peoples. Please email us if report any suggestions/issue.